Top 5 Marijuana Tourism Mistakes

Marijuana is very enjoyable experience, when you know what you are doing, or join a group of people who know their way around the plant. Either way, it’s good to have some experience up your sleeve when dabbling with the leafy green. It’s not uncommon for tourists to show up to a green state, and grab more than they can handle before they can take it back. Lets take a look 5 common mistakes that tourists make when experimenting with cannabis.

1: Edibles
Edibles are a magnificent addition to the cannabis family. They are however, extremely potent, and can last for hours after ingestion. The high from an edible is completely different from that of smoking. It is usually heavier, cloudier and more complete. After eating an edible, the digestion process begins. Once digested, there is nothing you can do to take back the ticket on the green rail. Your there for the ride. Tourists often find themselves ingesting too much cannabis and suffering the consequences. The packaging of the edible gives recommendations of how much to take. Pay close attention to these amounts when using edibles. offers some very insightful articles on “Knowing Your Edibles” if you would like to pursue more information on the subject.

2: Smoking Too Much Marijuana
It is easy to take a bong rip that tears the fabric of your inner being. Sometimes, this can be a great experience. Other times, it can be quite terrifying. Fortunately, smoking the devils’ lettuce is far more forgiving than edibles. Within an hour, you should be well on your way to your original sanity. Don’t take our word for it. Vice news highlights some “Tourists who pay “High” Bills, Due to Accidents.”

3: Reacting to the Altered State
Hanging out with Mary Jane is far different from your sober state of consciousness. Tourists that have traveled from dry states are likely unaware of what this change will be like, or how it will effect them. Some people, under the influence of marijuana are completely sedated, while others exhibit their wild sides. People have lost their cool, do to a fear of not knowing what to expect. These people can be erratic and without sense. It’s a good thing that the green veterans, that are local to the state, know how to put someone back in their shoes, after a heavy rip. offers some really easy and intuitive ways to Reduce Your Buzz if you ever feel you have gone outside of your comfort zone.

4: Performing Activities Outside of Their Abilities
Tourists often misjudge their abilities after getting high on a kite. It’s not uncommon to find someone out of their realm of experience or performing an unsafe activity, when they’re being green for the first time in their lives.

5: Experiencing Extreme Anxiety
Some users of Marijuana experience extreme anxiety when using marijuana. It can be a very terrifying experience and leave one feeling unsafe, panicked and un-realistically alarmed. Make sure to check out, “Dealing With THC Induced Anxiety” to learn coping methods that will bring you back down to earth, so that you may enjoy your high.

As a rule, when visiting a green state for the first time, it is always best to; bring your true friends, keep someone sober, and party with the veterans. Marijuana is a wonderful adventure to experience, but tourists should make sure to keep their logic grounded, while they are flying high.