The Worst Mistakes People make when Working Out

When it comes to working out, only 20.8 percent of Americans met the minimum standards for aerobic and strength training, according to the latest available data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. But for all those who do work out on a regular basis, many make common mistakes that can end up injuring them or hindering their results. Some of the worst mistakes are so basic that you can easily correct them to avoid these pitfalls. The key is to recognize them and make a conscious effort to change these bad habits.

Not Warming Up
Like warming your car up on a cold day, your body needs to ease into cardiovascular or strength training. Otherwise, you risk injury or excessive strain on your joints or heart. Spend three to five minutes stretching and getting your body prepared for strenuous exercise. A brief warm-up raises your core body temperature and increases your heart rate a more gradual pace, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Performing Exercises Incorrectly
Incorrect exercise pertains to both breathing and executing the exercise improperly. Always inhale when your body in a relaxed state and exhale when you’re contracting your muscles during training. In cardio training, breath in through your nose at a normal pace and then expel the air back out in shorter bursts. If you are just learning how to perform an exercise, ask a trainer how to position your body and lift the weights. Proper form will help you prevent injuries and give you a more balanced looking physique.

Lifting Too Much Weight
Every weightlifter has been on an ego trip at some point, maxing-out on the bench press to impress the women or fellow bodybuilders. But you have to build the amount of weight you use up gradually. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a hospital gurney getting prepped for arthroscopic surgery. Stick to 8 to 12 repetitions for most exercises and focus on lifting and lowering the weight at a steady pace.

Over training
You can over-train by spending too many days or too much time in the gym. Most experienced trainers recommend training each body part twice per week, although it’s advisable to train legs only once each week. Stick with three to four sets for most exercises and no more than four different exercise for each body part. As for duration, training more than 55 can put your body in a negative hormonal state, according toCNN .Over training can minimize your results.

Talking Too Much
Nobody likes a chatterbox, so don’t become one. Talking to much will also hinder your results, especially with respect to fat burning. Your body also cools down if you talk too much, subjecting your muscles to injuries. Talk between sets and keep working out at a steady pace.

If you can break these egregious workout mistakes, you stand a great chance of maximizing you results.