The Top Ten Best Selling Video Games

For the better part of the last 30 years, we have watched the video game industry explode to levels never thought possible. In that time, many classic games have transformed into brands that have both defined video games as we know them and transcended the industry entirely. Video games and their characters have become breakfast cereals, toys, collectables and comic books. They are now cartoons, television shows and major motion pictures. Originally, those brands all began as best-selling video games, some of which have managed to hold sales records that have withstood 30 years of competition. Following is a list of the Top 10 Best Selling Video Games of all time and a look at what makes each of them so special.

10: Diablo III – Released in 2012 by the legendary PC gaming company Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III is the most recent entry in the dark fantasy setting of the Diablo franchise. Diablo has cornered the market on the Action RPG or “Hack and Slash” genre.

9: New Super Mario Bros – This Nintendo DS game from 2006 represented Mario’s first return to the side-scrolling platform game genre that put the Super Mario franchise on the map. This revival was exactly what the franchise needed and what the fans had been waiting for.

8: Wii Sports Resort – Following the success of its predecessor Wii Sports, this Nintendo Wii game highlights all of the best parts of the Wii console. Fun controls play across a dozen sports-related games that offer heaps of multiplayer fun and replay value.

7: Tetris – Released on the original Game Boy, this 1989 classic inspired countless clones and sequels. Far and away the most legendary game in the puzzle genre, Tetris is the definition of “easy to play, difficult to master”.

6: Mario Kart Wii – While this Wii game is the fourth entry into the Mario Kart franchise, it has proven to be its most popular. Many gamers bought a Wii for the sole purpose of playing Mario Kart Wii, and it is the sole racing game title in the Top 10 Best Sellers list.

5: Super Mario Bros –This NES game is the title that propelled the first video game character to equal footing with character brands like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. Iconic, classic and timeless, Super Mario Bros truly speaks for itself.

4: Grand Theft Auto V – This 2013 release from Rockstar Games has been lauded for its high-quality production and is notable for the fact that it, and the GTA franchise as a whole, is a constant source of controversy.

3: Minecraft – Originally released in 2009, Minecraft’s brand has absolutely exploded into the mainstream. This indie game combines creativity and adventure in a unique art style that has inspired countless gamers to make the jump to game developer.

2: Wii Sports – The first title released for the popular Nintendo Wii console, this game features five sports mini-games that let players mimic the movements of bowling or swinging a tennis racket right in the comfort of their own living room.

1: Tetris – The sequel to the 1989 original, this version of Tetris was released on the popular mobile platforms in 2006, kicking off the mobile gaming craze.