The Motivation To Be the Healthier You

In today’s fast paced world we’re all looking for that magic pill, one time fee, or just the option to flip a switch to make life what we want. But take a step back and you’ll soon realize that motivation to make healthy choices, such as being more active, has to come from within. But that doesn’t mean that you cant’t have help!

Using a Fitbit fitness tracker to raise your awareness and keep your healthy lifestyle goals in mind can be the key to a healthier you, and university research is making this hard to ignore. A 2014 San Diego State University study identified that not only can fitness trackers such as the Fitbit One improve overall activity, but other forms of technology based coaching could negatively impact the user. It’s no surprise that soon after Fitbit was founded in October of 2007 they began receiving numerous awards. This study identified that the real key is organic engagement, powered by your effort (or lack of it), and not by a schedule or timer. Wearing a reminder of your achievement is a powerful tool, and no where near as easy to ignore as reminder on your phone or that sticky note stuck to your monitor.

Choosing to wear that reminder was the hardest step, and your already on your way to living healthier. Fitbit will be with you day and night, and ready to remind you of what your trying to achieve. Now get ready to have fun. That’s right, have fun. Being healthier isn’t supposed to be a chore, and celebrating daily successes is the real strength in Fitbit. The proof lies in the healthcare industry backing the very same idea.

Take a look at Cigna launching gamified health coaching. In a statement from Eric Herbek, Cigna Vice President of Product Development, noted “Cigna Health Matters integrates the latest insights and practices of the sociology of engagement, motivation and rewarding behavior change with the latest in health tools and technology,” Furthermore, he promoted Cigna’s investment in gamification stating that “By combining clinical insights, health coaches, digital tools, measurement and reward engines, we have our customers’ backs to help them get on the right path, and stay on it, for better health for themselves and their families.”

The healthcare industry already believes in it and University research is backing it up too, so charge up your Fitbit and have some fun! Celebrate your daily achievements and keep pursing a healthier you!