How the Right Lighting Can Transform Your Home

Have you ever visited someone who uses fluorescent lighting? Those harsh, bright lights make everything appear a bit washed out. In a way, it likely reminded you of a hospital or being back in school. That’s not the feeling you want to create in your home. Learn how proper lighting can transform your home.

The Magic of a Dimmer Switch

The right type of lighting can create drama as soon as you step into a room. There’s a reason people turn down the lights when they want to create a romantic setting, after all. A dimmer switch can be installed for as little as $5, allowing you to create a mood on demand. For uses where you need a lot of light, you can turn the switch all the way up — but for those occasions where you want to set the mood just right, such as a romantic dinner inside, you can turn the lights down low.

Layer, layer, layer.

Layering isn’t just for fall fashion. By layering lighting within a space, you can make small spaces seem larger. Rather than just using overhead lights, install floor lamps. Maybe a side table lamp or two. By illuminating even the farthest corners of a room, you can make the space feel larger. This is especially useful for small rooms that may otherwise suffer as a result of poor lighting. Vary the location of the lighting, but make sure some is located near the center of the room.

Hidden Lighting

Direct feels different than indirect light. That’s why recessed lights have become so popular; by reflecting the light into a room, it creates a certain tone that direct light sources can’t match. You can hide direct lights under cupboards, in the kitchen underneath kitchen cabinets, and more. This can be useful for making your home feel warmer or even lighting up spaces where you need to be able to see more clearly, such as the kitchen counter.

Wattage Matters

The watt rating on the side of a light bulb isn’t just how bright it is — it can also affect the color of the light. Warm lighting is better than cold industrial lighting when it comes to homes. While you can use that bright lighting for spaces where you need it, such as the basement, it’s best to keep your living spaces bathed in a warm glow. It makes the home feel more inviting and puts you more at ease.

You can make a home feel brand new by getting creative with your lighting. You aren’t limited to the original design of your home; find out what you can do with lamps and watch the transformation happen.