Five Ways to Preserve the Print on Your T-Shirt

Socially speaking, clothes can represent a lot about a someone. What we wear and how we wear it, all of those factors will speak volumes about who you are as a person. Some people will dress for fashion while others will dress for comfort, but it’s safe to say that most people really do care about their appearance. Similarly speaking, it is no stretch of the imagination to say that a lot of people have a favorite garment or t-shirt in their wardrobe.

A good t-shirt has a habit of getting better with age. The more you wear it, the more it becomes yours, fits your body, breathes better and becomes a familiar item for you, almost as if it were a security blanket with a hem-line. The unfortunate problem with t-shirts is that the marquee feature of the shirt, the graphic, is often the first thing to go. While some may be fans of the worn in vintage look, it can go from weathered to worn out in record time. Here are a few tips you can use to preserve the graphic on your t-shirt and extend the lifespan of your favorite clothing item.

1. Leave your t-shirts in the dark. Prolonged exposure to light can cause the color on a fabric to fade, and that includes the graphic on a t-shirt as well. Store your t-shirts in a dry, dark place where they can stay clean and away from any potential light abuse.

2. Be bold when you fold. If you are folding your t-shirts for drawer storage, make sure you never fold or crease the graphic itself. Fold the shirt around the graphic, that way it is the first thing you see when you are searching through the drawer, while the graphics remain stable and unharmed.

3. Fold the t-shirt inside-out before you wash it. Turning the t-shirt inside-out will help keep the graphic crisp and fresh, reducing the chances that the graphic will become creased or cracked.

4. Stay frosty. Washing with cold water will prevent the color from running from the garment itself as well as the graphic on the t-shirt.

5. Have a steamy date with your t-shirt. Investing in a steamer for your home will save you money in every aspect of your clothing, but it will also help your t-shirts. If you want to preserve your favorite vintage band t-shirt from the tour of 1995, you can steam the shirt yourself instead of taking it to a dry cleaner for special care.

With these five strategies you can add years to the life of each one of your favorite t-shirts. You never know, you might be interesting in passing that shirt down to a friend or loved one, or you might just want to keep it perfect for yourself. Either way, keep these tips in mind and your t-shirts will thank you.