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Whether traveling cross-country or around the world, many people enjoy arriving at their destination and having a rental car available. It provides you with a sense of freedom and convenience, even in places with an adequate mass transportation systems available. Having a car means being able to do things on the spur of the moment and being able to ignore time tables and schedules. Here are some ways to get even more from renting a car when traveling: Choosing the right car for you If you normally drive a small car, then you may find… Read Article →


According to the Washington Post, American children are nine times more likely to die from a gun accident compared to children in other countries. Gun safety is a hot topic that is debated in the media between opposing viewpoints. However, raising gun safety awareness among children is something that every parent and responsible citizen can agree upon. Here are three reasons why children should learn firearm safety. Education is Important According to the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun safety is important as teaching children about fire drills and stranger danger. The NRA is a staunch… Read Article →


A number of different materials are used for body piercings. Some of the most popular materials used are gold, silver, bronze, niobium, titanium and steel. In one form of another, body piercing has been around for centuries. Many ancient cultures used wood stakes and drove them through certain body parts. Today, there are many tribes that use body piercings to define their group hierarchy. Although it might seem hard to believe, there is actually some health benefits associated with piercings. Most women will admit that they have an addiction to jewelry. They wear earrings, bracelets,… Read Article →


The toddler years of childhood, generally defined as 1 to 3 years of age, include an enormous amount of growth in motor skills. This is when children move from crawling to walking – with the wobbly walking between the two being called ‘toddling’, where the term toddler originates. Advancement in all fine and gross motor skills occurs in rapid succession, giving clear ways to visibly monitor a child’s progression through the toddler and into the pre-school years. As with the rest of child development there are different ages at which we expect to see certain… Read Article →

<> the Club Beats launch party at Best Buy Union Square on November 19, 2009 in New York City.

A rap beat is a crucial part of a hip-hop song that can make or break it the record. It sets the tone for the entire song. It dramatically affects the mood; Will it be a hard-hitting club banger, or will be a dark, gritty beat that paints the tough image of the streets? The beat is so wonderfully crafted that sometimes we take it for granted. Sometimes, we assume it’s easy for anyone to start off making hip-hop instrumentals. However, it’s not at all like that. Let’s explain what sampling, sequnecers, drums and other… Read Article →

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