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Physical therapy offers a non-invasive and relatively risk-free alternative to surgery. If you’re suffering from knee pain, back pain, issues with your rotator cuff or other problems that are diminishing your life quality and limiting your mobility, surgery may not be the best solution. Surgical procedures cannot be fully undone. More importantly, no surgery is fully guaranteed to be a success. Following are three reasons to try therapy before considering surgery as your best option. Physical Therapy Can Provide Equivalent Results With Far Less Risk Research performed in Finland has conclusively determined that targeted physical… Read Article →


If you’re frustrated by fleeting focus, you aren’t alone. According to Social Times, 25 percent of Americans are forgetful due to short attention spans. A Harvard University study found that most of us spend 47 percent of our time not being in the moment. Over the past 10 years, the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to eight. The reason for this trend is information overload. Our brains are bombarded with external input. The good news is that there easy ways to harness attention. Following are simple tips for how to corral a… Read Article →


Many workers find their wages are frozen in this volatile financial climate, but their waistlines are steadily gaining. Part of this could be the pressure to stay important to the company, but we also put pressure on ourselves to succeed. If you find you are more sedentary lately and wish you could reach a good balance between staying healthy and staying on top of your job, you aren’t alone. At stressful times, reaching for the breakroom donuts is tempting, but here are a few tips to help you avoid workplace snacking. First, according to,… Read Article →


In today’s fast paced world we’re all looking for that magic pill, one time fee, or just the option to flip a switch to make life what we want. But take a step back and you’ll soon realize that motivation to make healthy choices, such as being more active, has to come from within. But that doesn’t mean that you cant’t have help! Using a Fitbit fitness tracker to raise your awareness and keep your healthy lifestyle goals in mind can be the key to a healthier you, and university research is making this hard… Read Article →

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For an athlete, there is nothing more terrifying than injuring the body during play. Whether they are playing kickball at the company picnic or it’s Lebron James in game 7 of the championships, there is an uncertainty of the future at the time of an injury. Treating an injury with physical therapy is a vital part of returning an athlete to top form and is a necessary part of sports injury rehabilitation. Prevention A huge benefit of physical therapy is the ability to prevent sports injuries from ever happening in the first place, eliminating the… Read Article →


The toddler years of childhood, generally defined as 1 to 3 years of age, include an enormous amount of growth in motor skills. This is when children move from crawling to walking – with the wobbly walking between the two being called ‘toddling’, where the term toddler originates. Advancement in all fine and gross motor skills occurs in rapid succession, giving clear ways to visibly monitor a child’s progression through the toddler and into the pre-school years. As with the rest of child development there are different ages at which we expect to see certain… Read Article →

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