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With the holidays fast approaching, it can be easy to get distracted and off task at work. Here are five tips that will help you remain efficient and organized at work even in between scouring Pinterest recipes and looking for hotels for your in laws. These tips can be used around the holidays, or any time of the year to stay focused and on task at work. 1. Write a to do list every day. Every day, after you’ve read through your morning emails and looked at your list of things you have to do,… Read Article →


Cloud computing has changed the way people do business around the world, and the most drastic change has been to traditional business models. In the old days of client/server business computing, large enterprises always had the upper hand thanks to their greater budget and ease of access to resources; with cloud computing, small business owners can compete at a higher level since many of the old barriers to entry have been eliminated. The impact of the cloud computing paradigm in the business world is mostly beneficial. First of all, cloud computing focuses on pooling resources… Read Article →

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