Allergy Alert: 3 Tricks to help lessen your seasonal Allergies

Countless people suffer the bane of seasonal allergies with no relief in sight. Nevertheless, many people spend a fortune on allergy medication or try untested home remedies in an effort to spare themselves. There are, however, other steps allergy sufferers can take to reduce their exposure to pollen, thus limit their reaction. In fact, keeping track of pollen counts, taking a shower at night and staying inside will spare many people a lot of pollen misery.

Pollen Count Awareness

Short of living in a sterile atmosphere, no one can completely eliminate their exposure to pollen. That said, allergy sufferers can spare themselves some misery by staying on top of pollen counts. CNN suggests that people with seasonal allergies check current pollen counts via the Internet, newspaper or weather. If pollen counts are high, take preventative measures to reduce one’s reaction. Take allergy medicine before symptoms start, keep windows and doors closed and limit outdoor activity. A proactive stance will help lessen one’s seasonal allergies.

Wash Pollen Away

Allergy sufferers don’t realize they are often their own worst enemy. The truth is pollen collect on people’s clothes and in their hair throughout the day. And, while people change into their pajamas before going to bed, they do nothing more than run a brush through their hair. Needless to say, a night of inhaling the pollen coating their hair makes for a miserable morning. However, one can lessen their reaction to seasonal pollen by washing one’s hair before bed. The bonus is a shower rinses off any pollen clinging to one’s body.

Limit One’s Exposure

The best weapon against season allergies is limiting one’s exposure. Granted, that isn’t always easy when people have to work, run errands and tend chores. Nevertheless, there are steps people can take, according to the Mayo Clinic. If at all possible, allergy sufferers should stay inside when pollen counts are high or the weather is dry and windy. When one can’t avoid outdoor chores, wearing a mask will reduce one’s exposure to seasonal allergens. Finally, rinsing off after working in the yard will help limit one’s allergies.

Seasonal allergies are in inevitable fact of life for people all over the world. That doesn’t mean they have to accept their fate and suffer severe allergy attacks. In fact, there are a number of preventative measures allergy sufferers can take. Just washing one’s hair at night will spare people a lot of misery. However, limiting one’s exposure and keeping track of pollen counts also goes a long way to lessen one’s seasonal allergies.