8 Essential Items You Need in Case a Natural Disaster Strikes

Natural disasters can hit an area at any time without warning. You want to survive as best as you can during these types of emergencies. This is why you need to have the right supplies in your home. Here are eight essential items you need in case a natural disaster strikes.

Flashlights and Candles

Light could be a big problem in the aftermath of a natural disaster. You want to make certain that you can generate your own light to see when trapped inside a dark structure or night falls. You need to have a good flashlight and candles. Be sure to have extra batteries for the flashlight and lighters as well.

Battery Powered, Crank or Solar Radio

You need to stay informed when a natural disaster strikes. Information is usually broadcast on the radio through local stations or emergency stations. Have a battery-powered, hand crank or solar-powered radio handy. You can use the radio to hear updates about what is happening and what you should do.

Fresh Bottled Water and Food

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, made 79 natural disaster declarations in 2015 alone. You need to be prepared to go without food and water for one to three days at all times. Keep three gallons of fresh water for each person in the house. You should also have some non-perishable food on hand.

First Aid Kits

A natural disaster could cause injuries. You want to be prepared by having one or two first aid kits around. Make certain the kits have bandages, antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes. A first aid kit could save the life of a loved one after a disaster.


You have no idea what situation you will be left in after a natural disaster passes. A very important item to have is a durable multi-tool. This tool will allow you to do many things from cutting through debris to turning off your water mains. It can be invaluable when you are trapped by debris.

Portable Generator

A natural disaster could take out the power in your area for days or weeks. It is best to have a portable generator in your home. You can use the generator to power the lights, run appliances or provide electricity to space heaters. A portable generator can make it much easier to survive comfortably after a disaster.


You want to have several blankets in case a natural disaster strikes. Blankets can keep you warm at night or when drenched in rain. They can also be used to create a temporary shelter, to carry things or to stabilize broken limbs. Have durable and warm blankets prepared.

Personal Go Packs for Everyone

A total of 333 people died in 2014 because of natural disasters and severe weather. It is sometimes necessary to spend days traveling or sitting in a shelter afterwards. Make a go pack for each person in the home. This is a portable bag containing individual essentials like prescription medications, personal identification, eyeglasses and a little cash. You can grab the bag and go if you need to evacuate during a natural disaster.