7 Out with the Old, In with the New Home Improvement Ideas

When you want to increase the value of the home and enhance its appeal, there are a number of home improvement ideas to take advantage of. Although the current trends with remodeling properties are always evolving, there are a few to enjoy for a more comfortable and inviting space. When it comes to transforming your property, there are several home improvement ideas that are currently popular.

1. Apply Wallpaper

Although beige walls were commonplace in most homes in recent years, wallpaper is replacing the old trend for added detail in the room that enhances the style of the interior property. Consider applying wallpaper to one wall of a room for a bold accent wall that is considered to be a recent trend, according to www.Coloradoan.com. This will add instant character to a bedroom or living room after filling in holes and smoothing the walls for a professional look.

2. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

More homeowners are enhancing the functionality of their yard by installing an outdoor kitchen that can be used to entertain. This makes for a great place to cook, grill, and serve drinks. Consider installing a pizza oven, a grill, and luxe countertops to prepare the food.

3. Remodel the Basement

Although the basement was originally used to store boxes and junk, more people are increasing their square footage with the space by remodeling it to serve a variety of purposes. Consider transforming it into a game room, entertainment center, or a home office, which are all currently desired according to Money.aol.co.uk.

4. Install Track Lighting

Rail track lighting is increasing in popularity for the warm mood and ambiance that it brings to living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Install the lighting in specific areas of the home to highlight artwork or decorative items that are on display.

5. Install Shelving Units in the Closets

More people are wanting to organize and keep their closet clean with shelving units that separate like items. Use a wire shelving system for a product that is easy to install for pullout drawers, various clothing racks, and shelves to store boxes or shoes overhead.

6. Build a Laundry Center

Build a separate laundry center inside of the home for a comfortable space that is an upgrade from the garage. Install a spacious folding table, better lighting, and a clothing rack to hang clothes on to dry for a great place to get the laundry done more efficiently.

7. Increase Your Curb Appeal

Allow your home to stand out in the neighborhood with an easy makeover that includes planting new shrubs, installing a new door, and painting the trim on your home for extra curb appeal. Consider installing a decorative feature that adds detail to the property with an outdoor fountain or an arch that sits in front of the yard. You can also upgrade the space with a new mailbox and address numbers to allow the property to appear newer.