6 Questions to Ask When Deciding Which Attorney to Hire

Choosing the right attorney is imperative to your legal case. Without the legal expertise of a dedicated attorney, you could very well pay a hefty price when it is your turn to be heard in court. With so many attorneys to pick from who all promise to offer the best legal representation in town how is finding the best for your case possible? Ask these six questions and rest assured you’ll find an attorney who will handle your matter to the highest of satisfaction.

1- Do You Specialize in my Case Type?

Attorney’s handle various legal matters, from criminal cases to personal injury and even real estate transactions. Although any attorney has the power and knowledge to represent any matter, some specialize in handling specific areas of the law and offer expertise that an ordinary attorney does not.

2- How Long Have You Practiced Law?

Choosing a fresh out of law school attorney may suffice for minor cases, but when your legal matter is complex, the expertise of a skilled attorney offers the best chance at a successful outcome in court.

3- What is Your Representation Style?

Some attorneys are aggressive fighters who go tooth and nail to win their client’s case. Some fight for their clients using a less aggressive approach. If this is important to your case, inquire of their representation style ahead of retaining them for services.

4- What is the Total Costs?

Attorneys may charge hourly or flat rate fees for their services. Inquire of the charging technique the attorney uses and learn the total charges related to the case, not just the fees for retaining the attorney. For example, it might benefit your case to hire a private investigator or even an expert witness, but these are fees you’ll pay in addition to the costs of the attorney.

5- How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

Some legal matters are handled far more quickly than others. A divorce, for example, takes an average of six months to complete but can take years. On the other hand, a criminal case involving a minor infraction is likely headed to the court within a few weeks of time.

6- What is the Likely Outcome of My Case?

Although the attorney cannot determine how a judge will decide any case, he can review the evidence and information presented and, using his legal knowledge and expertise, offer you an explanation for a likely outcome of the case.