6 Organizational Ideas for Storing Seasonal Items

After the holiday season, you might not want to get rid of your decorations. There are likely items that have been in your family for years or decorations that you have made by hand. Instead of tossing them into a box where they might get broken, you can follow a few organizational ideas for storing your seasonal belongings so that they are in the best condition for the following year.

Get Rid Of What’s Broken Or Unwanted
As you begin to pack away seasonal items, you need to get rid of the things that you don’t think you’ll use in the future. You could give these items to children, sell them or take them to a secondhand store. If there are broken decorations or items that no longer work, throw them away so that the small pieces aren’t with your other decorations.

Coding For Easy Location
When you pack your decorations, put a piece of colored tape on the outside of the box to coordinate with the holiday. Red and green can be used for Christmas, orange and black could be for Halloween, and pink and yellow could be used for Easter decorations. All you have to do is look at the outside of each box to determine what season it’s for instead of searching through all of your decorations.

Keep Items In Their Own Space
Seasonal items are only used during certain times of the year. Keep boxes and larger seasonal decorations in a closet, a storage shed or another area of the home so that they are out of the way when you’re trying to get to other items that are used in the house. Consider keeping your decorations on higher shelves so that they are out of the way.

When you pack fragile items, put Styrofoam between each decoration to prevent breaking. You can get Styrofoam packing pellets if you want to put larger decorations in a box. Put the pellets in the box, then the decorations. More pellets can be added on top of the decorations for added protection. Plastic wrap is another material that you can use if you don’t have Styrofoam.

Lights In Action
If yours are like most, then the Christmas lights get tangled as soon as they are off the tree. Wrap the lights around a plastic reel or rod of some kind before storing them. Another option is to keep the plastic reel from the original box to wrap the lights around.

Large Bags For Large Decorations
Keep larger decorations in 30-gallon or leaf trash bags instead of taking up room in a plastic container. You can also hang the bags on a wall if the decorations aren’t heavy. Pieces of your artificial tree can also be stored in large trash bags to keep them from getting damaged.