6 Fashion Trends That are Making a Comeback

It’s true that all the fashions of yesteryear are waiting their turn to come back into style. These six trends are on their way back from obscurity. Many of these older fashion trends come from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Some may surprise you, and some may make you want to dig into your closet and revive some of your old favorites.

1. Flare Jeans

While the skinny jean has dominated women’s fashion for years now, people are beginning to turn back to the flattering lines of flare jeans. This trend started in the 1970s and had a resurgence in the early 2000s. If you want to wear this trend today, try them with a heeled boot or sandal to accentuate the flowing shape of the jeans. The high-waisted silhouette is the most fashion-forward.

2. Scrunchies

The humble scrunchie, fashion staple of the 1980s and 1990s, made its comeback on the runway during the Fall 2017 Fashion Week shows in New York. The fabric-covered elastics can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Many women have missed the ease and comfort of putting their hair up in a scrunchie, and this runway trend is wearable by anyone at any time.

3. Head to Toe Denim

Another 1970s trend that is poised to come back is wearing denim head to toe. This look was featured in the Spring 2018 runway shows. While denim has never gone out of style, denim shirts and jackets haven’t been worn with denim jeans in quite some time. For a special retro touch, try a Western-style denim shirt with snaps. This look can be styled with updated jewelry and shoes to blend the old with the new.

4. Women’s Suits

The 1980s power suit is having a moment. In bright colors and sometimes with shoulder pads, the women’s suit makes a bold statement. On the runway, suits were worn in soft pastels like pink and lavender. Other collections showcased suits in neutral colors with vivid tops underneath.

5. Bracelet Watches

The bracelet watch has been around since the 1920s but has been crowded out of the fashion scene by bulky men’s inspired watches. This look is also a nice counterpoint to the technological style of the smartwatch.

6. Flannel Shirts

1990s grunge fashion, with ripped denim and flannel, has had a revival in 2018. The flannel shirt can be worn by itself or over a pretty tank top. Try styling them with an updated pair of jeans and a current pair of shoes to keep from looking like you stepped out of Seattle in 1991.