6 Business Opportunities that are Worth the Investment

If you want to significantly grow your income, you can take advantages of certain business opportunities that are known to be highly lucrative. You may be surprised to know that certain opportunities don’t always require a large investment. You’ll likely see huge returns when you invest in any of these six business models.

Fast Food Franchising

Some of the world’s largest fast food chains allow investors to essentially own and operate their own restaurants for an investment. You’ll be expected to operate your particular location under the brand’s name and uphold the company’s standards, but you’re usually also free to make many of your own rules. According to Entrepeneur.com, Subway, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts are among the top chains that offer franchising opportunities.

Mobile Application Development

These days, almost everyone has a mobile device that features apps for almost anything. The need for developing new applications has created a new industry perfect for tech gurus. You can help by investing in a new mobile application that’s in the process of being developed. Music, health and fitness and time management apps are among the hottest apps being made today.

Cosmetics Sales

If you’re a woman with a knack for selling and makeup, this opportunity may be ideal for you. Mary Kay and Avon are two of the biggest cosmetics companies that allow people to make investments to become independent sales representatives. This opportunity allows you to set your own hours and sales goals as you market the given company’s products to potential customers. You can make even more money by recruiting other sales representatives to invest in the company.

Boutique Hotels

Whether you want to purchase a property on your own or invest money in a developer’s project, a boutique hotel can generate a handsome profit. Many people who are visiting large cities and small towns are looking for a more unique experience that many of the top hotel chains can’t provide. You can choose to have a unique property built from the ground up or restore a historic building that offers a glimpse into the past.

Green Technology

Although this may take a substantial investment, green technology is an industry that has experienced continuous growth in recent years. Many people are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to power their homes and businesses, and you can help technicians develop products that are more energy-efficient. According to Wikipedia, green technology encompasses the industries of recycling, air purification and solid waste management.

Travel Consulting

Even with the advent of the Internet, many people still need help with planning their upcoming trips. Certain travel agencies offer franchising opportunities that open the door to this exciting industry. You can either work as a travel agent yourself or hire other people to help your clients plan everything from hotel stays to airfare. You may even be able to franchise with a travel company that specializes in cruises.

Investing your money into a thriving industry is one of the best ways to provide yourself with some additional financial security and possibly help other entrepreneurs who are struggling to get off the ground.