5 Ways Fitness Will Change Your Life

If you’re beginning a fitness journey, understand that it’s about the journey. It’s a process that you’ll want to continue for the rest of your life. It’ll boost your confidence, help you maintain your weight, extend your lifespan and more. Consider the reasons why fitness will truly change your life.

1. Confidence
When you’re able to love yourself, your confidence skyrockets. You don’t have to be a certain size to feel confident. However, fitness will help you create the best version of yourself. When you’re working to become the best version of yourself, it’s much easier to fall in love with the process. When you’re confident, it exudes. Thus, it attracts the right people, opportunities and experiences to your path.

2. Weight Management
When a person is dealing with being overweight or obese, they’re in the danger zone when it comes to health. The body was never meant to carry excess weight. Excess weight can lead to pain in the joints, bones and ligaments. It gets harder to stand for longer periods of time and simple tasks can feel almost unbearable. This is one of the reasons why many overweight parents work harder to lose weight so that they can keep up with their younger children. In this case, it’s not so much about living for self. At this point, it’s about making sure that you can keep up with the children and enjoy life by their side.

3. Stronger Heart
Cardiovascular exercise is good because it contributes to a person’s ability to maintain a strong heart. In order to burn fat, the body has to get the heart rate up. Once the heart rate is up, it has to work harder to keep the body going. A strong heart is important because you need to develop endurance to remain strong. When a person has a weak heart, they struggle to maintain their breath or endurance when it’s time to do simple acts like climbing the stairs or a quick jog to the bus stop.

4. Stress Relief
Studies suggest that 75 to 90% of doctor’s visits are directly connected to stress. Stress is very dangerous because it can lead to heart attacks, anxiety attacks and other illnesses. Stress can also manifest into deadly diseases such as cancer. When you work out on a consistent basis, it’s a great stress reliever. The body releases endorphins and gets you into a better mood once you complete a workout.

5. Increase Life Span
Most people desire to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. As a result, they’ll do what they can to make sure their lives are as enriched with the right habits to support those desires. Exercise is the perfect hobby to indulge in on a regular basis. When you’re able to keep your body mass index (BMI) in the healthy range, you can lengthen your lifespan by ten years at a time. Plus, many studies show that a smaller waistline is a commonality with people who are able to steer clear of chronic illnesses.