5 Tips to Increasing the Beauty of your Entry Way

Your entryway makes a statement to everyone who visits your home. Make sure the statement is one you wish to make. Here are ways to enhance the beauty of this important area.

Add Elegant Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design features in the home, and the entryway is no exception. There are several ways you can use lighting to enhance the entryway. For a classy traditional look, replace a bland overhead light with a chandelier. To add a touch of elegance without a lot of fuss, add wall sconces or lamps. If you have wall art that you want to draw attention to in the entryway, use directional lighting like galleries use.

Hang a Decorative Mirror

A mirror opens a space and makes it feel larger. Find a mirror with an attractive frame that complements your decor and hang it on one wall of the entryway. Center it above a small table or console for best effect. Make sure that whatever it reflects from the opposite wall is either a blank wall or something of beauty, such as a wall sconce or painting. You don’t want the mirror reflecting peeling wallpaper or nearby clutter.

Accentuate the Doorway

By accenting the doorway, you can create a bit of grandeur and a sense of welcome. Flank the door on either side with matching tall plants, such as topiaries or Areca palms, statuary or vertical wall art. You can place these either inside or outside to bring focus to the interior or exterior side of the entryway.

If the door itself is bland or old, make it like new again with a new coat of paint or varnish and new hardware. The door color can be significantly darker or lighter than the home’s exterior to make it stand out even more. Bold colors such as red or blue liven up plain doors.

Use Accent Flooring

Define the entryway space clearly by adding decorative floor tile or an accent rug. Whether you use tile or a rug, the design should be at least slightly wider than the doorway. Otherwise, it can look out of place and like an afterthought.

If you choose tile, plan your design ahead. Simple geometric designs are most common, but don’t be afraid to create a colorful mosaic if the space calls for it. A mosaic will take more time, more effort and might cost more, but it will make your entryway stand out.

If you use a decorative rug, choose one that can withstand high traffic and retain its beauty. Use an anti-slip mat beneath the rug to keep it safely in place.

Add a Beautiful Table

A well-designed table not only provides a place to hold items or to create seasonal displays, it can act as an art piece to enhance the space.

If your entryway is small or narrow, choose tables without a lot of carvings or embellishment. Thick antique tables can easily overwhelm a small area. Instead, consider tables with simpler lines.

With each addition you make to your entryway, make sure it complements other features. A beautiful entryway is one that feels balanced and inviting, and this is accomplished by attention to symmetry, texture and color.