5 Things to Know Before Moving to Canada

Now that you’ve decided to make Canada your new home, there are just a few things you should know before you pack up your moving truck and head for the border.

1. Canada Is Vast But Empty

Canada is the second largest country on the planet. With such a staggering factoid like that, one would naturally assume that such a large country would also boast a dense population. This is highly incorrect. In fact, Canada only has about 37 million people living in it, and those people are mostly congregated in areas closest to the United States-Canada Border. The further north you travel in Canada, the more uncivilized and cold it becomes. Canada, though a beautiful and friendly country, is mostly empty.

2. Canadian Citizens Have Guaranteed Healthcare

Canada passed the Medical Care Act that allows government funds to be used to pay for most medical expenses of citizens and permanent residents from other countries. Once you move to Canada as a permanent resident, you can apply to access their healthcare system.

3. Canada Is Rich In Wildlife

It’s not uncommon to hear about a wild moose walking through the streets of a Canadian town or hear coyotes and wolves howling in the distance late in the evening. Canada’s human population is mostly congregated near the border, leaving the northern portions of land wild and untouched by human hands which prove to be excellent breeding grounds for a plethora of species which include polar and grizzly bears.

4. Tim Hortons Is A Lifestyle

In case you haven’t heard of Tim Hortons, it’s a country-wide fast food restaurant chain that specializes in serving freshly brewed hot coffee, a variety of donuts, specialty sandwiches, and TimBits. You can find a Tim Hortons practically every few blocks in major cities and at least one franchise in every mall. Although McDonald’s has recently dethroned Tim Hortons as the top coffee chain in Canada, Tim Hortons will always remain a beloved favorite.

5. Poutine Is Considered A Food Group

If you haven’t heard of poutine yet, you will once you cross the border. Poutine is a classic Canadian dish that consists of a bed of crispy french fries drizzled with gravy and sprinkled with assorted meats and cheese curds. Canadians love this dish so much, you can find various other grocery items that are poutine-flavored or poutine-stuffed. Almost every fast food restaurant serves a version of poutine, too.

On a final note, one thing you may notice once you enter Canada is how many foreign-born citizens it has. Canada is an incredibly diverse country that welcomes immigrants from many different countries and encourages the intermingling of various cultures and beliefs.