5 Savvy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

The average cost of a wedding is higher than ever, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go broke to have your dream ceremony. There are plenty of ways to save money without making any sacrifices.

Flexible Timing

Weddings tend to be seasonal, with some months being much more popular than others. The increased demand drives up all of the costs for venues, catering, and other services. On the other hand, those services tend to lower their prices during the other seasons due to decreased demand. You can save plenty of money by staying flexible and avoiding the most popular times.

Go Vegetarian

Most people serve food at their weddings, often with expensive ingredients. One way to save money is to opt for a vegetarian wedding. Many of the core dishes rely on rice, legumes, and other affordable ingredients. You can usually save even more money by hiring chefs from Indian or Arabic restaurants, since their traditional cuisines tend to be very friendly to vegetarians. This will ensure a great meal at a low price that can accommodate most diets.

Use Greenery

Almost every wedding features flowers, which can be surprisingly expensive. You can save on them by choosing flowers that are in season, but you can cut the price even more by relying on green plants. They add a pleasant background to an arrangement that can help tie it together, while also being cheaper than blossoms. In most cases, you can use a mixture of green plants and bright flowers to save money and make a more beautiful flower arrangement.

Digital Invitations

Stationery and postage are expensive, not to mention the time required to write in all of the letters. Most people will be perfectly happy to receive a digital invitation to the wedding, and using them will cut down on both time and money. If you’re attached to using traditional invitations, you can still save on the cost of the wedding by using digital save-the-date messages and for other supplementary communication.

Choose Musicians Wisely

Most weddings will include music at both the reception and the ceremony. The easiest way to save money with music is to rely on recordings, but you can still cut your costs while hiring live musicians. In most cases, you will get a better deal if you hire the same musicians to perform at both the ceremony and the reception. This will also cut down on the amount of administrative work you have to handle. Opting for a small band will also save money, and you can even hire a single DJ to combine the low cost of recorded music with a live touch to bring it to life.