5 Reasons You Should Choose Brain Training Over Tutoring

At one time or another, everyone has faced a problem they have had difficulty solving. Students go through this every day in the classroom as they further their education, but what do you do when those types of struggles happen on a regular basis? Tutoring has always been the automatic choice for students having a tough time making the grade in class, but brain training may be the better option.

Brain Training Focuses On the Root of the Problem

Tutoring offers temporary progress in a subject by focusing on a certain academic task. It’s repetitive and requires students to learn the solution only to that specific problem. As a result, students will face struggles when presented with a new problem, and will require tutoring all over again.

Brain training focuses on the underlying issues that cause difficulty in learning. Most people that struggle in school tend to have weakened cognitive skills, hindering their ability to process and remember information. Brain training strengthens skills such as memory, concentration, and logic, so students increase their ability to learn and to find a solution to any problem.

Improves Performance in All Subjects

It could get quite expensive hiring a tutor for each class, especially if a student needs them every year. Since brain training helps improve learning skills all around, the benefits will be seen in all subjects.

Supports Those With Learning Disabilities

Brain training can offer tremendous support for those with learning disabilities or students who have been diagnosed with conditions such as ADD or ADHD. A brain training program will help increase concentration, awareness, and attentiveness, allowing students the ability to focus in the classroom.

Achieves Long Term Results

Tutoring teaches specific information, while brain training teaches skills to absorb and process information. If a student is just memorizing facts or solutions to pass a class, chances are that anything they have learned will be forgotten. Brain training provides students the capacity to process and remember material, allowing them to hold on to what they’ve been taught.

Not only that, but the ability to learn is a skill that students will need well beyond the classroom. Strong cognitive capabilities are skills that will always be needed. Whether it’s making financial or business decisions, solving everyday problems, or advancing in a career, students can use the benefits of brain training throughout their lives.

Boosts Confidence

Students who are constantly needing to be tutored may begin to feel like they are failing no matter how hard they try. Brain training will essentially strengthen their brain muscles, giving students the tools they need to thrive. Once they discover that they can succeed no matter what the subject, their confidence will build and they will enjoy learning and prosper in the classroom.

Tutoring is a great option for those who have missed class or just need a refresher. For students who regularly struggle with academics, fixing the underlying issue and strengthening cognitive skills through brain training will be much more effective.