5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney

One of the most stressful things a person can go through in their lifetime is a divorce.According to the US Census, a person’s first marriage is likely to only last eight years on average. A divorce is something many people will have to someday deal with.

A person also needs to be careful about how a divorce proceeds. The ramifications can be quite significant for a person’s finances and livelihood. In these situations, it’s best to hire a seasoned divorce attorney. Below are five reasons why.

1. An Attorney Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Entering into a divorce agreement without proper legal council can have serious implications. For one, you could be making huge mistakes that can end up costing you. For example, in many states, you have to make a calculation for how much child support is provided after a divorce. Not performing this calculation correctly can lead you to paying far more than what you are legally obligated to. To avoid such mistakes, you need to have an attorney on hand with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

2. Fixing Mistakes Can Be Even More Expensive and Time Consuming

Once a mistake has been made, it can be very hard to reverse after the divorce agreement becomes legal. You will certainly have to go back into court. This will require more legal fees. It will also likely take a large amount of effort on your behalf over a long period of time. You could lose a lot of money from having to take off work. If your ex-spouse doesn’t agree with the changes, the legal wrangling can be even more troublesome. It’s best to avoid these issues upfront.

3. An Attorney Can Help You Reach a Clear Agreement

One thing you have to understand about divorce court is that the intent behind the documentation you submit to the court may not be interpreted in the way you actually want. This could lead to a divorce agreement being finalized that decrees things you weren’t aware you actually agreed to. To put your wishes into an agreement in a way that the court will be able to understand usually takes the legal writing skills of a divorce attorney.

4. An Attorney Can Help You Avoid Delays

Divorce can be an extremely long, arduous process. According to the state government of Georgia, depending on the circumstances, a divorce can take as little as a month to as long as multiple years to settle in court. If divorce proceedings drag on and on, it can quickly turn into a frustrating nightmare. However, a divorce attorney can help insure that the process is quick and a resolution is obtained on timely basis.

5. A Divorce Attorney Can Help Save You a Lot of Stress

Divorce is very stressful in general. This includes the emotions, life changes and financial elements involved. One way to save you from even more stress is to entrust the legal aspects of the divorce to a professional that can represent you in court and act in your best interests.