5 Advice Tips for Purchasing Cigars Online

Smoking a fine cigar is a rare pleasure that relatively few people ever get to experience. This is partially because some of the best cigars on the planet are made in a country that has been at odds with certain Western nations for some time.

That said, times have really changed. The Internet has opened up trade links that were once only the province of established companies. This modern marvel enables people from virtually anywhere on the planet to access and purchase goods and services from the far reaches of the globe.

This capability extends to cigars as well. That being said, just like anything else it pays to put some thought into where fine cigars are sourced from while online. There are many reasons for this, and this article will dig more deeply into some of these. It will provide 5 important tips for purchasing cigars online, and thus enable many more people to enjoy the pleasures of a great cigar.


Online shopping provides an important opportunity for people to access fine cigars in countries like the U.S. This is because many kinds of cigars are not for sale within the United States, but travelers are permitted to return with small quantities as is detailed at Time.com.

One of the first things that online cigar shoppers should be on the watch for is where the product is originating from. It is always good for to purchase fine cigars from reputable sources that treat their customers and their cigars with an abundance of gentleness.


Since the cigars are being purchased online, it is obvious that the transaction will involve some kind electronic transfer. It could be a credit card, debit card, bank account, or something similar. The important point to understand is that all of these methods of payment are subject to abuse if the seller is either fraudulent or does not have strong security measures in place.

For this reason, it’s important for consumers to always practice due diligence. This may include using prepaid debit cards to make online purchases, rather than personal accounts. By doing this, individuals will be protecting their all important personal information.


Many boxes of fine cigars can easily cost consumers $100 or more. Because of this, it makes little sense to risk receiving boxes that were improperly stored or shipped. In order to forestall any difficulties, online cigar purchasers are urged to make sure that the online cigar firm in question has a solid return and guarantee policy. At the same time, it will be helpful to ascertain how, when, and where the cigars will be shipped. By doing this, individuals will be doing their best to guarantee themselves the best product upon arrival.


Despite their best efforts, consumers may occasionally be victimized by a dishonest so-called cigar seller. By limiting the size of the initial order, individuals can perform a de facto test on not only the products, but the business involved as well.

Having the ability to identify bogus cigars can be useful as well. By researching the characteristics of fine cigars and familiarizing themselves with the major features, individuals will be putting themselves in a good position in terms of avoiding unscrupulous cigar peddlers.


Experienced cigar smokers know which cigars they like, and where to get them for a good price. Newbies may not have this information, so they can protect themselves by being sure to be on the conservative side in terms of price at the beginning. This will prevent them from unnecessarily losing money on cigars that may not fit their style or taste.

At the same time, it is important for prospective cigar aficionados to realize that certain other nations now make cigars that rival those produced in Cuba, as is detailed in this article from the Chicago Tribune. This can present another way for those new to cigars to test the waters economically.

The Internet has indeed opened up unimaginable opportunities for commerce. Those who apply the above tips to their online cigar purchasing efforts will certainly enjoy the best experience possible.