10 Amazing Autumn Wines to Try This Season

The cold weather of Fall and Winter brings on the need for rich reds and hearty white flavors to accompany us around the fireplace. I will suggest 10 wines, or categories of wine, that are trending this year because of their excellent reception by several wine guides. You and your pallet can decide which wine is the best.
Wine and Spirits magazine featured their October “Wine Of The Month” as the Xabregas 2011, Mount Barker Shiraz from Western Australia. Owner, Terry Horgan, was inspired to turn his land into a vineyard after a trip to the Portugese countryside. This one is noted as having a complex tannic flavor.
The Wine Enthusiast Network is dedicated to the discussion wine and spirits. My number two is also a Shiraz. It is Mitolo 2013, The Jester. Their writer and taster suggests pairing this with chicken or steak on the grill at a tailgating party. The berries and creamy texture invite us to try immediately!
The next one they suggest that sounded scrumptious is Lone Madrone 2012, La Mezela Roja. Another variety portrayed to be a good pair with grilled hamburgers and salad; this wine has hints of rose, hibiscus, and aniseed to help us bring in those cold, blustery evenings.
Number four is any wine by Angelo Gaja from the Ca’ Marcanda winery. He recently won a Lifetime Achievement award from Wine Enthusiast.

Let me mention some white wines that are trending. They say more alcohol is called for in the colder months. Therefore, number five is any nice European Riesling.
Roncús 2001 Bianco Vecchie Vigne was found by one author who hailed it as a “perfect winter white”. The lesson from this group of vino lovers is to find wines from the colder regions of Europe because they know what is best.
As Fall arrives, the selection of Rose’ on the shelf grows scarce. This Summer time variety is in full abundance just a couple of months earlier. As the cold winds approach our vintners do not release as much Rose’, yet our taste buds still crave them. They mix well with different types of food, foreign and traditional. People are blending traditions in their culinary selections for Thanksgiving. A nice pink Rose’ such as, The Inman Family Endless Crush, Rosé 2014, pairs well with these.
What Vogue says is extremely interesting and got me ready to forget everything I just mentioned about trends in wine for 2015. They are telling us to forget about Reds, Whites, and Rose’ altogether. Orange is the new Red. At one time an orange wine was considered a bad batch. However, the steady growth in popularity of this variety is gaining widespread acceptance.

These are skin fermented wines that began in the Eastern European many years ago. It is an ancient style of wine making that is now making a comeback by modern vintners.
2013 Iago’s Wine Chinuri, made in Kartli Republic Of Georgia. The 2011 Kabaj Rebula, made in Slovenia, and 2008 Radikon Ribolla Gialla, created with love in Italy. These are high quality oranges to consider.
Whatever you decide to drink, enjoy your wines this autumn. Cheers!